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Interesting piece in today’s Wall Street Journal about how the Coca-Cola Co. decided to pull a television commercial off the air after it received some complaints about its tone, which was described by some as being too lowbrow. Among the complainers - Donald Keough, a Coke director and former president of the company, who prefers, according to the WSJ, more “syrupy images.”

The ad had rated highly among teenaged viewers. The commercial featured two basketball players who take a break. One guy leaves, and the other drinks a Coke…then uses the other guy’s cold Coke can to cool himself off, rubbing against his head, neck, stomach and armpits…at which point the other guy shows up, opens the can and drinks it.
KC's View:
We can understand that this commercial might have offended some people. The big mistake was showing a commercial originally intended to be aired during the NCAA basketball tournament during a golf match. Though we’re frankly amazed that anyone watching golf on TV actually would be awake to see the ad.

But shown in the right place, with the right demographic audience, it seems to be a pretty good way to draw attention to the brand.

Granted, we are the kind of person who believes that “Animal House” and ”Blazing Saddles” happen to be high points of American cinema…but the fact is that we laughed when we say this commercial. Out loud.

Isn’t that a good thing? After all, the goal always has been to get people to have a Coke and a smile…