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The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) yesterday found that KFC Corp. lied to consumers when it ran advertising suggesting that its fried chicken was healthy, healthier than fast food hamburgers, and appropriate for people on a low-carb diet.

"Today's action signals food advertisers that the FTC will not tolerate misleading advertisements to consumers who are trying to eat healthier and watch their weight," said Chairman Timothy J. Muris. "For consumers to obtain healthier choices, we must make sure that the companies promote their products honestly."

KFC agreed to stop making claims about the health value or weight-loss benefits of any of its food unless they can be substantiated with reliable evidence. Scott Bergren, the company’s chief marketing and food innovation officer, said in a prepared statement that it agreed to the settlement "to put the issue behind us."
KC's View:
Bergren also said, "We have always believed our ads to be truthful and factually accurate."


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