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Reuters reports that Target Corp. plans to have as many as 200 new format stores – dubbed P2004 – in operation by the end of the year, noting that these stores are more focused on consumables than its traditional supercenters.

The P2004 units will be both new stores and remodels.

The new format was first unveiled by Target in Colorado last October. Most of the 25 stores that Target opened in March were also P2004 units, according to the company.

The stores are designed to offer a broader, more easily accessible selection of consumable items such as milk, packaged food and paper supplies. In addition, the format brings together items like diapers with baby furniture and baby clothing in a single department, and creates an expanded “entertainment department” that brings together electronics, music, videos, toys, and sporting goods.

Reuters notes that while Wal-Mart has more supercenters than Target, the latter company’s sales have been growing faster than Wal-Mart in recent months. Target’s belief is that by expanding its consumables, it can continue to make up ground on Wal-Mart because it will draw people into its stores more often.
KC's View:
“P2004.” Sounds like the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character from the “Terminator” movies.

Target can only hope its brand of terminator is equally ruthless and efficient.