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A law firm has filed suit against Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc. on behalf of investors who bought shares in the company between August 21, 2003 and May 7, 2004, charging that the company failed to disclose the fact that sales were being hurt by the low-carb craze.

The suit is aimed at both the company and its top executives.
KC's View:
Maybe the suit should be amended so that it only represents investors who did not read newspapers, magazines, or have access to any of the millions of media reports on the low carb craze.

Do that, and maybe we’ll be sympathetic.

This is just utter nonsense. Krispy Kreme has been a terrific market performer for years, but it is entirely predictable that the company might see some reverses because of current obesity concerns. Anybody who bought shares in the company over the past year had to know they were taking a risk…

The lawyers are being greedy opportunists, and the shareholders they represent are nothing but whiny crybabies.