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Starbucks yesterday announced that it will unveil five new summer Frappuccino drinks tomorrow, three of which contain no coffee.

The decision to offer cold strawberry, vanilla and chocolate drinks are “part of Starbucks' increasing efforts to widen its appeal beyond caffeine addicts,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

“Over the past six weeks,” the WSJ writes, “Starbucks has announced plans to install CD-burning stations at 10 Seattle stores later this spring; inked a deal with Kraft to distribute Tazo Tea in supermarkets nationwide; and agreed to partner with Jim Beam Brands to develop a coffee liqueur to be sold at bars, liquor stores and restaurants.”
KC's View:
We seem to remember that it was just earlier this week that Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz was saying, “We have been and always will be a coffee company. So many companies lose touch with who they are. Arrogance sets in, and they think they can be all things to all people. Our core business is coffee, and the experience we create around it.”

We’re not saying that Schultz was being disingenuous. But an analysis of what Starbucks is up to these days clearly reflects the inherent tensions between necessary expansion and the need to stay focused on a core business. These kinds of tensions happen to many businesses, and it simply will be interesting to watch a world-class company such as Starbucks deal with them.