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The Detroit Free Press reports that a lawsuit that attempts to recoup employee funds lost when Kmart went bankrupt and its 401(k) retirement plan collapsed has been granted class action status and could end up representing as many as 100,000 current and past Kmart employees.

The suit was filed against former Kmart board members and executives that include Chuck Conaway, former chief executive officer, and James Adamson, former board chairman. The Free Press reports that the suit “alleges they continued to invest the matching portion of employee retirement contributions in Kmart stock when the retailer's finances were collapsing.”

Kmart had 225,000 employees and 2,100 stores when it filed for bankruptcy. It now employs 158,000 workers at 1,512 stores.
KC's View:
If the allegations are proven to be true, these executives ought to get roasted over an open spit in the middle of downtown Troy.