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Good piece by Phil Lempert over on, in which he writes about the passing of food activist Phil Sokolof.


    “He was a friend that I hadn't spoken to in almost three years, and was dismayed when I picked up the newspaper Friday morning in yet another airport to find that Phil Sokolof had died. We had met in the green room of some television program in some city long forgotten. But our mission that day, and since, had been the same - to tell the public about the foods they were eating. The whole truth. Phil was on a mission to provide life saving messages to the world, and as a successful businessman and self made multi-millionaire he had spent nearly 15 million dollars of his own money to change the way people eat…

    “Phil passed away at the age of 82. A vibrant, smart and caring man that put his heart and money on the line to make a change in the way Americans eat. With restaurant chains scrambling to introduce healthier menu items as a result of pressure, we have Sokolof to thank for running that ad back in the early 1990s that read “McDonald’s, Your Hamburgers Have Too Much Fat!” We can only imagine how much healthier America would be today if more of us, and more food companies, had listened to Phil. Rest in Peace, Phil - the world is a better place because of your work and message.”

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