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The San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports that Rosemead, a community in Southern California, will be the next place where local residents take up the challenge of trying to stop Wal-Mart from building a supercenter there.

Two different citizens groups have formed to try and block the project. According to the paper, “Wal-Mart is in the escrow stage of purchasing land on Walnut Grove Avenue at Rush Street, where the retailer plans a 147,580-square-foot store as well as a gas station, fast food restaurant and two more retail buildings.”

The paper reports that a $200,000 study is being conducted into the impact of traffic, noise and pollution created by the new development – a study that is being underwritten by Wal-Mart.
KC's View:
Just on principle, we wouldn’t accept the results of a Wal-Mart-funded study as being anything other than slanted. Why don’t these communities realize that, and fund studies themselves that will beyond reproach…or at least immune to the charge that they have been bought and paid for by the Bentonville Behemoth?