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McDonald's announced that on May 6, its more than 13,000 stores in the US will begin selling adult Happy Meals, which will include salad, bottled water and pedometer. Shortly thereafter, according to the company, it will offer children’s Happy Meals that have the option of fresh fruit instead of fries.

The new "Go Active!" Happy Meals also will offer brochures offering its customers exercise advice about walking more.

The company insisted that it will continue to offer Big Macs, fries and thick shakes – but that the new entry is an attempt to cater to a newly diet-conscious population.
KC's View:
Not to mention stave off lawyers who might be targeting McDonald’s for lawsuits charging them with making the nation fat, fatter, fattest.

We can’t wait to see the brochure about walking advice. Because other than “put one foot in front of the other,” we’re not sure what there is no be said.