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  • Albertsons announced that it has introduced Steakhouse Choice Beef, a new high quality brand of USDA Choice Angus Beef, to its supermarkets across the country. The new brand is described as “naturally aged, hand-carved, and ‘guaranteed twice’ to meet customer satisfaction.

  • Edward S. Lampert, who owns 53 percent of Kmart, reportedly has increased is holdings in Safeway, now owning about 2.1 percent of that company’s outstanding shares.

  • Anheuser-Busch Cos. Said yesterday that it will tone down the sexual innuendo and humor in its beer advertising, to keep the company in line with public concerns about indecency in the media.
KC's View:
We’re beginning to get concerned about a kin d of cultural McCarthyism creeping into our society. We’re trying to walk the line between being prudish (“no Hooters in our hometown!”) and being a fierce free speech proponent. After all, there ought to be a role for common sense in all this.

But we’re getting worried.