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Burger King has managed to generate some buzz for its new TenderCrisp Chicken Sandwich by creating a website,, that allows web surfers to look at a guy in a chicken suit and get him to follow specific commands, like “wave,” “jump,” or “scratch.”

The goal is to communicate to consumers that just like they can get the chicken to do what they want, they can get the chicken sandwich their way. The site is programmed so that they chicken can obey some 400 commands; it apparently has become the web’s the top site in terms of popularity.
KC's View:
It also is the dumbest thing we’ve ever seen.

Burger King should maybe try coming up with decent food. We have no idea if this TenderCrisp sandwich is any good, and this website does nothing to get us to actually drive in to a BK.

We know what we’d like to tell the chicken to do. But that particular command doesn’t seem to be programmed.