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Published reports note that Los Angeles city officials are working on an ordinance that would prohibit the building of stores larger than 100,000 square feet in which nontaxable items such as food and drugs account for more than 10 percent of inventory.

In other words, Wal-Mart. The Bentonville retailer has announced plans to build 40 supercenters in California over the next five years, though it has encountered pockets of resistance – most notably in Inglewood, a suburb of LA where voters recently rejected the building of a supercenter despite the fact that Wal-Mart spent a million dollars to rally support for its cause.

The ban would affect the city’s designated economic assistance zones, which cover about 60 percent of the city. The city’s Planning Commission and City Council must approve the ban for it to take effect; it can be expected that Wal-Mart will offer some resistance in the form of a lawsuit or pushing for some sort of ballot initiative.

Los Angeles Mayor Jim Hahn reportedly supports the ban.
KC's View:
There is no way that Wal-Mart can accept the notion that the biggest city in the country won’t allow it to build supercenters there. No way.

We suspect that the battle for Los Angeles has just begun, and that the million bucks that Wal-Mart spent in vain in Inglewood will end up looking like chump change.