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We finally had the time to read “The DaVinci Code,” by Dan Brown. (One of the advantages of trans-Atlantic plane trips…)

What a great book! From the first few pages, it moves along like a roller coaster, filled with interesting twists and turns, intriguing characters who keep you guessing, and enough mind-blowing revelations to keep you thinking long after you’ve finished the book. (And you’ll probably finish it in one sitting, because you can’t put it down.)

FMI’s Michael Sansolo wrote a great column in “Advantage” recently talking about how books like “The DaVinci Code” are terrific because they challenge conventional thinking and make you look at long-accepted notions and then challenge them.

He’s right. (He also suggested that Michael Lewis’s “Moneyball” accomplishes exactly the same result…so we’re reading that next…or at least after we finish Roger L. Simon’s “Director’s Cut.”)

Have a great weekend. Slainte!
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