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  • General Mills Inc. said yesterday that the US Securities and exchange Commission (SEC) is questioning its practice of "loading" to meet quarterly sales targets, and has requested additional information for its investigation.

  • Target Corp. said that it will spend between $3.2 billion and $3.4 billion on new Target stores and the distribution and other systems needed to support them.

  • The Chicago Tribune reports that through an effort to improve its coffee program, Krispy Kreme has managed to double the category's contribution to sales. Coffee now represents 10 percent of sales.

  • The Japanese agriculture minister said it will not end its ban on US beef - put into place when mad cow disease was first discovered in the US late last year - until the United States "implements the same measures as we do" to prevent further outbreaks of mad cow disease.

  • The National Association for Retail Marketing Services (NARMS) announced the formation of a new division, the North American Independent Food Brokers Division, which is designed to give a greater focus to those members and "help the marketplace find quality representation through the NARMS website and its conferences."

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