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Tesco's CEO, Sir Terry Leahy, has agreed to change the terms of his employment contract with the company from two years to one year, a move that comes in response to shareholder concerns about public companies in the UK.
KC's View:
We are reminded that the Los Angeles Dodgers used to have a series of one-year contracts with managers Walter Alston and Tommy Lasorda.

Alston managed the Dodgers to winning seasons in 19 of 23 seasons from 1954 to 1976. Lasorda, who replaced him, managed the Dodgers for 19 full seasons, leading them to two World Series titles, four pennants, and seven NL West division titles.

This may be the first time that Leahy ever has been compared to Alston and Lasorda…but here is how they are similar.

They all get it. Those two baseball managers understood how to play the game, how to manage and motivate players, and how to develop a winning philosophy. And Leahy seems to understand the same thing about retailing.

He can manage our team anytime.