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USAToday reports this morning that a new study from The NPD Group suggests that while people think they are consuming fewer carbs when going on eating plans like the Atkins Diet, at some level they probably are fooling themselves.

When looking at the food-intake records of 11,000 people over three years, NPD Group discovered that the five percent with the lowest carb intake were eating an average of 128 grams of net carbs per day - far more than the 20 grams of net carbs recommended for the Atkins induction phase, more than the 40 to 60 grams recommended on the ongoing Atkins weight-loss phase, and even more than the Atkins maintenance diet.
KC's View:
Our consistent view of consumers is that they know far less than they think they know. There's simply too much information out there, too much clutter and noise.

There's only one group for whom this trend works. Over at Atkins Nutritionals, they must love this stuff (though they'd probably rather it didn’t turn up in USAToday. After all, if people keep gaining weight or not losing it, they're more likely to buy more of the company's diet bars and cookbooks and diet guides.

Which fattens the company's bottom line.