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  • The Associated Press reports that the European Union has decided to lift its ban on most US and Canadian poultry imports, which was put in place because of concerns about avian flu. However, the EU decided to keep in place restrictions affecting Texas and parts of British Columbia because of continued concerns about outbreaks there.

  • Supervalu announced it will sell its minority ownership interest in WinCo Foods, Inc., a privately-held regional grocery chain that operates stores in Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, Washington and California. The deal is expected to net Supervalu after-tax profits of about $150 million.

  • While JC Penney hasn't yet sold its 2,700-unit Eckered drugstore chain - it continues to negotiate with the likes of CVS, Rite Aid, and Canada's Jean Coutu Group - it has decided what it considers to be a fair price for the entire chain: $4.37 billion.

    Penney disclosed its valuation of Eckerd in a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

    The possibility remains that Penney could sell the chain in pieces to achieve maximum value.

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