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Macy's announced that it is getting into the food business, as it plans to open trendy Cosí sandwich shops inside 10 of its stores this year, starting in Seattle and then moving onto markets like Atlanta, Memphis and South Florida. If the tests work, then the company said it sees itself potentially expanding the concept into as many as 250 of its stores.

USA Today notes that this is a move "back to the future" by Macy's, reminiscent of a time when many department stores offered foodservice options. However, that trend faded (along with the department store industry itself) over the decades.

Nordstrom continues to offer its own cafes and restaurants, however, and both Wal-Mart and Target have tested various kinds of foodservice offerings, ranging from McDonald's to Starbucks, in their units.
KC's View:
Of course, a cynic would suggest that Macy's is getting into a bread-based business at precisely the point in time that the low-carb trend has made bread a no-no. But that would be profoundly cynical…

We actually think this could be a good move. Cosí has a good reputation, and might actually keep people from leaving the store and going to the mall food court.

This could be an inspired move from a company that seems to suffer from a dearth of inspiration.