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Good piece over in about how the USDA has announced that scientists have found the cancer-causing substance acrylamide in unexpected types of food, including black olives and plum juice.

"In April of 2002, while virtually no consumers even knew what acrylamides were, the word became all-too-familiar when what was described as 'potentially dangerous levels' of acrylamides in fried and baked starchy foods were detected by a Swedish food agency," the site reports. These studies were supported by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) in the US, though debated by a joint US-Sweden study published in the British Journal of Cancer.

"Scientists still confirm that the highest concentrations are found in French fries, cookies, and chips," SupermarketGuru reports. "But now they have unexpectedly found acrylamides in black olives, plum juice and a powdered drink known as "Postum," as well as infant teething biscuits and canned sweet potatoes."

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KC's View:
Some people were too quick to scoff at the acrylamide issue as being scare tactics. We think that this is the kind of knee-jerk reaction to legitimate consumer concerns that does not serve the long-term best interests of the industry…or citizens.