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The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Thriftway, owned by Winn-Dixie and which once was one the number two supermarket retailer in the Cincinnati market, appears to be on the verge of abandoning the city.

A major reason for the peculation seems to be that Wal-Mart plans to open at least four supercenters there, which will ratchet up the pressure on every food retailer in the marketplace. If Thriftway pulls out of the market, it is expected that local competitors such as Kroger and Bigg's would look to take over appropriate locations as a way of shoring up their positions.

One other possibility mentioned by analysts: that Wal-Mart could look to the Thriftway stores as a way of rolling out its Neighborhood Market concept in Cincinnati.
KC's View:
The bad news seems to keep piling up for Winn-Dixie, as the Nation of Wal-Mart keeps expanding its borders.