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Starbucks announced yesterday that 154 of its coffee shops in the UK now have been equipped with Wi-Fi service, which allows laptop-bearing patrons to connect with the Internet using wireless, high-speed technology.

The coffee has been a leader in providing this kind of Internet access in its locations, with thousands of its shops offering the technology.
KC's View:
Perhaps it is because we spend so much time on the road, but we don't understand why everyone doesn't offer high speed, wireless Internet access from their retail shops. It becomes an enormous lure for those of us who live by the Internet…providing a kind of safe haven that we know that we can depend on.

It's sort of like when you’re driving and you have to find a lavatory. Generally speaking, under those circumstances, we all look for a McDonald's…because that chains rest rooms tend to be clean and you can find a McDonald's almost anywhere.

It so happens that we're going to be in London next week, and knowing that the local Starbucks will be a place from which we can get on the Internet at a high speed and file MNB…well, that's a tangible security blanket.

And being a security blanket/safe haven for consumers seems like pretty good positioning to us.