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USA Today reports that burger chains such as Carl's Jr., Krystal, and Burger King are introducing Angus beef to their menus, believing that the availability of a higher quality - and pricier - beef will be attractive to aging baby boomers who are looking "for better-tasting, higher-quality fast food."

The move is anchored in the fact that while burger sales are up about two percent over the past twelve months, sales of what are termed "pricier, bigger" burgers are up five percent. And one consumer poll suggests that people prefer "Black Angus" beef to ground beef 11-to-1.
KC's View:
What's interesting to us about these kinds of stories is the fact that anyone can imagine a scenario in which 'smaller" and "less tasty" would be preferred attributes.

Our rule of thumb is that we always prefer food that is bigger and tastier. End of story. No "nouvelle cuisine" for us.

We actually have this kind of debate at home all the time. We maintain that there's no way that a chocolate chip cookie can have too many chocolate chips, and that an oatmeal raisin cookie can't have too many raisins. And Mrs. Content Guy disagrees. (Talk about a mixed marriage…it's amazing we've survived almost 21 years.)