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  • Published reports say that Winn-Dixie is looking for a private equity investor that might take a minority stake in the company as a way of shoring up its finances. The company declared $79.5 million in the second quarter, with speculation that the company could be close to filing for bankruptcy protection.

  • Albertsons announced that it will expand its "personal shopper" service from Chicago to Dallas. The service allows consumers to scan items using a handheld scanner and bag their groceries as they walk through the store…while hitting the consumer with promotional messages.

  • William Morrison Supermarkets in the UK has agreed to sell 19 of its stores to Waitrose. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

    The sale is part of Morrison's agreement with the government to sell 52 stores as a condition of its acquisition of Safeway Plc.

  • The Physicians' Health Study reports that moderate drinking - defined as one or two alcoholic beverages a day - can help defend against heart disease and stroke, and that such consumption even by men with high blood pressure can be medically beneficial.

    Previous conventional wisdom has suggested that men with high blood pressure should not consume alcohol.

    However, the researchers also said that patients who drink alcohol need to be concerned about liver damage and obesity issues, and should be careful to monitor levels of consumption.

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