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The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Safeway-owned Dominick's Finer Foods - which has had a troubled recent past, experiencing labor troubles, declining sales and aborted attempt at being sold - "is trying to morph into the store its longtime customers remember. The supermarket chain said Wednesday it has brought back some Chicago shopper favorites that had been missing under the Safeway regime, such as Sunkist orange soda and its own Dominick's-made shrimp cocktail sauce."

The paper also reports that Dominick's also is "buying more goods locally, such as fruit from the local South Water Market and focaccia from Chicago's Gonnella Baking Co."

The division's new CEO, Randall Onstead, says that not only is the company is working hard to be more local in its approach to products and services, but executives there also have more autonomy in making decisions.

Dominick's earlier this month closed 12 unprofitable stores, leaving the company with 101, though Onstead said his goal is to grow the company to as many as 200.

But one big challenge remains - coming to an agreement with organized labor, which has been hostile to Dominick's and its parent company.
KC's View:
We were skeptical about Onstead's odds of turning Dominick's around…but we're willing to be convinced. It sounds as if the company is taking smart steps, but it is a long, long journey.