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Wal-Mart has opened for business a new music download system priced at 88 cents per song, looking to undercut Apple Computer's iTunes service.

Wal-Mart reportedly is selling some 3,000 songs with a catalog heavily skewed toward its rural and suburban customer base.

Apple, while more expensive by 11 cents per download, has a catalog of a half-million songs. It also has a head start. Apple has said that it has sold 50 million songs over iTunes since setting up the service last April, with downloads running at 2.5 million a week.
KC's View:
Readers of MNB will have no illusions about where our rooting interest in this battle. After all, we're writing this on our weathered PowerBook, connected to the Internet via an Mac Airport, and we can hear iTunes in the other room playing on our 14 year old's iMac. (Or maybe it is his iPod…we're not sure.)