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  • The Associated Press reports that Canadian officials have identified the two mills that were the source of the feed that probably caused North America's two cases of mad cow disease, one in Canada and one in the United States.

  • McDonald's reportedly is in the final stages of negotiating a deal with Sony Corp. that will allow patrons of the fast food chain to download free music from Sony Connect, the Japanese company's online music store.

    The deal would be similar to one between PepsiCo and Apple computer's iTunes service.

  • Meanwhile, USA Today reports, Burger King is in the middle of reformulating its franchise offering - the Whopper - so it more closely resembles the product that originally was introduced back in 1957.

    "The pickles and tomatoes will be of higher quality," the paper reports. "The artificial mayo will be replaced with real mayo. The lettuce will be fresher. The bun will be tastier. The meat will be ground more coarsely. Only the Heinz ketchup stays the same."

    It is all part of a campaign by the company to win back customers and turn around a troubled company.

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