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The Associated Press reports that Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle has vetoed legislation that would have prohibited obese people from suing food retailers and manufacturers in an attempt to hold them accountable for their physical condition.

Doyle said he vetoed the legislation because it was unnecessary; few have been filed nationally, he said, and none have been filed in Wisconsin.

"We have a court system that handles disputes. Here, we haven't even had any disputes to be handled, and it's just sort of saying we don't trust the courts to handle cases," Doyle said. "I just don't think you need to go around and find solutions where problems don't exist."

Louisiana currently is the only state to have enacted such a ban, but another 19 reportedly have such legislation under consideration.

The legislator who sponsored the legislation charged that the governor was siding "with people that feel we can blame others for decisions and choices that we make." Rep. Dan Vrakas (R-Hartland) said, "I'm choosing to side with people that feel decisions on how and what we eat are their own personal responsibility."

The AP notes that Vrakas's family has owned a restaurant for more than four decades.
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