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Good piece over on about a new Rand study suggesting that despite all the concerns about obesity issues and spending on this and that diet, Americans remain addicted to fat.

That's why Krispy Kreme keeps making money. It's why McDonald's new salad line actually has more fat that its hamburgers. And its why both Coke and Pepsi believe that there is a market out there for mid-calorie soft drinks that sit somewhere between regular and diet drinks.

The fact remains that more than a third of US adults are overweight, and almost as many would be considered obese. And all the trend lines suggest that people are going to keep getting fatter, and that obesity-related deaths are only going to grow in number.
KC's View:
Sad, but true.

So much of the talk about nutrition is just that. Talk.

There's a story on that details how "Westchester County, comprised of bedroom communities and residents who commute into New York City everyday, currently is in the midst of a 'No Junk Food Week.' Which sounds great, except that it only will last the week, after which many of the kids may go back to their longstanding junk food habits that put many of them at risk for childhood and adult obesity.

To really have impact, solutions have to be long-term, our attention span has to last longer than a week, and the focus has to be multi-generational.