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  • Senator Trent Lott (R-Mississippi) is switching his position on the reimportation of drugs, and says he will now support legislation to make it legal.

    "I cannot explain to my mother any longer why she should pay twice or two-thirds more than what is paid in Canada and Mexico," said Sen. Lott.

  • Panera Bread Co., while conceding that the low-carb movement has hurt sales, has said that it is "well- positioned to serve the low-carb niche," and plans to roll out three low- carbohydrate breads, two low-carb bagels and a low-carb breadstick.

  • McDonald's reportedly is about to expand aggressively into the WiFi marketplace, with plans to offer wireless Internet service in many of its more than 13,000 locations.

  • United's new low-fare subsidiary, Ted, reportedly is flying at about 82 percent of capacity - and is selling between $300 and $400 per flight in gourmet Bennigan's sandwiches and salads and Atkins Advantage low-carb bars and other food.

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