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BJ's Wholesale Club Inc. reported last Friday it appeared that there had been a compromise of its computer system and that "a small fraction" of its eight million members may have had their credit card information accessed by computer hackers.

The company said that it had alerted its members that their credit card information may have been stolen and was working with the credit card companies and police agencies.

BJ's said that a review of its technology systems by a computer security firm suggested that there had not been a central break-in of its systems. "We are confident in the current safety and integrity of our systems," said Bob Hamilton, vice president of loss prevention. "While it is not industry practice for retailers to bring information like this to its consumers, we feel our members should be aware of this issue,"
KC's View:
We were with BJ's right up until this last statement.

It's not industry practice to tell consumers that their credit card information has been stolen? That's the most absurd statement we've ever heard (okay, maybe this week)…and if it this is indeed "industry practice," it is a colossally dumb way to do business.