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The BBC reports that Tesco is going live in 100 stores with an instore television network, Tesco TV, that will offer news headlines, advertisements, health and beauty tips, and recipe information. The chain's goal is to have the system in 300 stores by the end of the year.

Tesco is subscribing to the philosophy that the last 10 feet of the shopping experience is the place to influence point-of-purchase decisions, and is using the TV system - and offering it to brands and manufacturers - to help target susceptible customers.
KC's View:
Boy, there have been so many versions of this particular idea that haven't really taken off (and we seem to remember being interviewed for jobs by a couple of them of the years). It's always struck us as a smart idea that wasn't successful mostly because of timing.

Hopefully, Tesco's execution will work, and this initiative will catch fire.