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Reuters reports that as low-carb diets become more popular, more people are consuming foods that are high in fat and cholesterol while eating fewer vegetables and grains - putting their health at risk and raising the likelihood of suffering heart disease.

Data reported at an American Heart Association meeting concluded that "Americans eat too much overall, they eat too much fat, and they do not eat enough fruits, vegetables and high-fiber foods," according to Reuters.

"It is pretty clear from marketing data ... that over the past two years there have been specific trends toward more fat intake in the diet. If that is true, that would then suggest that there are tough times ahead with regard to disease risk," said the Mayo Clinic's Dr. Randal Thomas.

He added, "I think any diet that recommends increasing the amount of saturated fat poses a risk. There may be good things about the diet ... but any diet that recommends increases in saturated fat could be increasing the risk in the population."
KC's View:
The hardest thing about a balanced diet is that it takes longer to lose weight, you have to use common sense and responsibility, and you also have to exercise.

Which certainly explains why fad diets seem to get greater traction. Never underestimate the appeal of short-term gratification.