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McDonald's Corp., buoyed by improving bottom line results, announced yesterday that it will spend $725 million this year to remodel as many as 2,160 of its stores worldwide, including as many as 1,800 in the US.

The company also said that the sales of its McNuggets were up 35 percent since they were reformulated with all-white meat.

McDonald's also announced that it plans to introduce a new salad menu called "Salad Plus" in 16 European countries this year, an effort designed to improve its health profile there. The company also said it would reformulate its burgers, fries and drinks in Europe, and introduce chicken sandwiches on the Continent.

And, the company said it will expand 24-hour service to more US stores.
KC's View:
It wasn't that long ago that McDonald's looked like it was drowning, unable to figure out how to keep its head above water.

You have to give the company's management credit for reviving its fortunes.