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Delhaize-owned Kash n’ Karry will announce today the creation of a new format for the company, called Sweetbay Supermarket, which will, in the words of company COO Shelley Broader, "express the vibrant, exciting and diverse tastes, colors, and aromas of great food that are so important to Floridians.”

Plans are for the first of the new stores to open in Seminole, Naples and Ft. Myers markets in Fall 2004. In its initial phase, the new supermarket concept will be developed as a new brand, in addition to the existing Kash n’ Karry brand, under the guidance and management of Kash n’ Karry’s senior management team. Over the next three years, the entire chain will transform to the new brand, and all new and remodeled stores will reflect the new concept and positioning, Broader said.

“We could have taken the easy route, with something as simple as changing the name of the stores and giving them a light remodel," said Broader, who moved from Hannaford Bros. to Kash n' Karry just last year. "But we decided to do the hard work, which is inventing a new store concept from the ground up. We are guided by extensive customer research and 50 years of experience in the market.” In addition, she said, “Florida is one of the nation’s most dynamic and fast-growing markets. Floridians are passionate about great quality and fresh food that will fill their senses, and they are very interested in strong ethnic offerings that we will provide.”
KC's View:
We are anxious to see what Broader and the senior management at Kash n' Karry have come up with. The prototype stores that Broader had a role in developing at Hannaford are terrific examples of supermarkets that reach out and embrace the consumer, providing an alternative that is familiar as well as stimulating.

Too many chains are retrenching and playing defense. This is offense, and we approve.