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The Sacramento Bee reports that the vote last week in California's Mendocino County to ban genetically modified organisms has creates concern in the biotech business - especially because there are at least two (and maybe as many as nine) other California counties considering similar ballot initiatives.

"I don't think we can afford to let it stand," Allan Noe, spokesman for CropLife America, a biotech industry trade group, told the Bee.

What seems to really make the biotech industry nervous is that it put more money into defeating the measure than proponents of the ban did. In addition, the vote challenges the position taken by the US government that genetic engineering is benign. It seems that not only does the European Union disagree with that assertion, but so does Mendocino County…and maybe some other communities.
KC's View:
This just has the feel of a grass roots movement (natural grass, of course) that has the chance to really get some traction.

What makes it interesting - and very, very political - is the fact that the US has taken the position that the EU really has no right to take an anti-GMO stance. Will the US government take the same approach in dealing with its own citizens?