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Costco has announced that it will build its second Costco Home store in Tempe, Arizona.

The unit is slated to open in October, and will be adjacent to an existing Costco warehouse club and gas station. The first Costco Home store, which was built in Kirkland, Washington, opened in December 2002, and sells only home furnishings in showroom settings. The company has declared it a success, and has been looking for an opportunity to test the concept outside its home market.
KC's View:
We're willing to bet that the Arizona edition is going to be a blockbuster. It sounds like it is a far more accessible locations with built-in traffic; in Washington, it is off the beaten path in a hard-to-find office park.

This is a smart idea that we believe is going to be a big moneymaker for Costco. We're only sorry that the company abandoned plans for a gourmet food-only unit…that truly would have been something to see.