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The Seattle Times reports that the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) now believes that "the amount of beef potentially contaminated by the nation's first mad-cow case was nearly four times higher" than originally believed by the federal government.

USDA originally estimated the amount of affected meat being recalled at about 10,400 pounds, but because meat from the infected cow was mingled with other meat when ground into hamburger, it now says that the actual amount of potentially affected meat was closer to 38,000 pounds. USDA said it didn’t update the affected meat figure until now because it was more concerned with tracking down the meat than reporting on it.
KC's View:
We say it again.


It seems to us that there have been numerous examples of how the government wants to control the flow of information, and seems willing to do so in order to reduce the impact on consumer attitudes.

Ultimately, these kinds of moves diminish consumer trust as opposed to enhancing it.