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The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is cracking down on private businesses that are importing inexpensive prescription medication s from Canada and selling them in the US.

According to the paper, one West Virginia company has closed down because of FDA threats; others are troubled by the state of affairs and are considering their options. In most cases, these storefront operations would handle the retail sales and sourcing from Canada, and then the medicines would be sent directly to the patient in the US.

FDA says that the reimportation of such drugs violated federal law and creates a safety hazard to patients because they efficacy cannot be vouched for by US authorities.
KC's View:
Frankly, they're a bunch of hypocrites over at FDA.

We'll believe that they’re getting serious about reimportation when they start taking on state and city governments that are using or considering the practice as a way of shaving bucks from bloated budgets. But no, FDA is pretty much leaving those guys alone - probably because it doesn’t make sense to get engaged in a pitch battle at that level during a presidential election year.