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  • Coca-Cola Co. said on Friday that it has received grand jury subpoenas as part of the federal probe into allegations of corporate fraud and other wrongdoing at the soft drink giant, though it did not specify what the subpoenas were related to.

    "The company is cooperating with the investigation and has provided substantial documents and information to the United States Attorney's Office," Coca-Cola said.

  • Pathmark Stores reportedly has reduced prices on some 6,000 HBC items, saying it is part of a new EDLP initiative.

  • The Chicago Tribune reported that while Sears is happy with the revenue being generated by its first Sears Grand store - which sells some groceries - it says the unit's expenses are too high.

    However, company CEO Alan Lacy said that it is a pilot store, and that he's confident that expenses can be brought into line.

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