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The Toronto Globe and Mail reports that in its desire to find new customers, 7-Eleven Canada is looking to build c-stores in unorthodox locations, such as malls, colleges, airports, and hospitals.

While these units will be smaller than traditional c-stores, Jim Waldron, the company’s vp of development, told the paper that this strategy is key to the company’s growth and ability to compete. "We do serve a different niche, a different customer...a customer who needs to move in and out quickly and who looks for the convenience. We're looking to develop aggressively over the new few years," he said.
KC's View:
"If you build it, they will come" has turned into such an old fashioned notion.

Now, you have to be where the customer wants you, when the customers wants you, with the products that the customer wants at a price that the customer deems appropriate.

To approach the business any other way seems terribly short-sighted.