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  • Ahold-owned Stop & Shop reportedly plans to expand its Peapod online grocery/home delivery service to new sections of Rhode Island this April, and is in the final stages of converting a 7,000 square foot mezzanine in its North Smithfield store to process Internet orders.

    Stop & Shop plans to offer the Peapod service to 90 percent of its stores within the next two to three years, according to reports.

  • The US Department of Commerce reports that c-commerce sales, which are defined as purchases over the Internet, e-mail or other electronic networks, increased to $17.23 billion in the fourth quarter of 2003, a 29.7 percent increase over the third quarter, far outpacing the overall retail sales growth during the period of 5.2 percent.

    However, the growth was less than the 31.6 percent sales growth seen from the third to fourth quarters of 2002.

    E-commerce purchases for the fourth quarter of 2003 were up 25.1 percent compared to e-commerce purchases for the fourth quarter of 2002.

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