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The Sacramento Bee reports that a new store is opening in the California capitol that will help US residents buy drugs from a Canadian pharmacy at cheaper prices than they would pay at home, a move that defies federal laws.

The company running the store hopes that its operations will be small enough to "fly beneath the radar" and not get the attention of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which has closed down a number of such reimportation companies while not doing anything about similar moves made by states and municipalities.
KC's View:
Of course, getting written about in the Sacramento Bee and MNB probably won't help the old "fly beneath the radar" scheme.

The thing is that it is hypocritical for the FDA to close down businesses but not go after city and state governments doing the exact same thing. We can only assume that the FDA doesn’t go after governments because there's a big election in a few months. We suspect that could change, depending on what happens in November.