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The negotiations between the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) union and Southern California's three major grocery chains - Kroger's Ralphs, Safeway's Vons, and Albertsons - continued over the weekend, described as "intense" by insiders and raising hopes that the four-month old strike/lockout could soon end.
KC's View:
We're reporting MNB this week from Southern California, and we've made it our business to go into a bunch of these stores. We can say that the view from inside them tends to be pretty depressing - service departments closed, shelves spotty with merchandise, and the aisles as active as a morgue on a slow day. And these stores were viewed on a Saturday afternoon.

And then, you go to Trader Joe's, to Stater Bros., to Bristol Farms…and you see tons of customers, lots of sales, and a hubbub of activity.