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You can add Sara Lee Corp. to the list of manufacturers looking to launch single-serve coffee makers as a way of caffeinating sales.

It has been announced that Procter & Gamble, the largest U.S. coffee seller, will launch its ``Home Cafe'' in the United States in May. "Home Café" is a cup-at-a-time brewing machine that uses specially designed packets.

And Kraft announced that it will test market its "Tassimo" unit, which makes espresso drinks like cappuccinos in addition to regular coffee, in France later this year, though no target date has been set for a US launch.

And now, Sara Lee Corp. has said that it will launch its Senseo single-serve coffee maker, which has been sold in the Netherlands since 2001, in the US next month. Sara Lee predicts that Senseo could generate $500 million in sales by 2007.
KC's View:
We guess all this makes sense.

But, quite frankly, we have trouble understanding the concept of one cup of coffee. As we write these words, we've already had four…and the morning is young.