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Ananova reports that Wal-Mart's Asda Group will spread the equivalent of more than $28 million (US) around to more than 100,000 of his employees in the form of annual bonuses.

The average payout, which is part of a benefits program put into place when Wal-Mart acquired Asda four years ago, would be the equivalent of about $430, down slightly from last year's average of $435.

Staffers qualify to be included after six months of employment; there are different levels of compensation for full-time and part-time staff.

During the past year, Asda surged past Sainsbury to become the UK's second-largest supermarket chain.
KC's View:
We think that the best way to get people to feel ownership about the place where they work is to actually give them a financial stake in the company…whether through stock ownership, profit-sharing, or some kind of bonus program. Making employees "partners" is an over-hyped concept, too often a matter of rhetoric rather than reality.

We have to admit to thinking that four hundred bucks doesn't exactly rock our world…but hey, we're dealing with college financial aid issues these days and have a completely jaundiced view of the subject.