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The New York Times reports this morning on how low-carbohydrate mania is spreading beyond people on strict diets.

"Food industry analysts say a far greater number of people are now carb aware,' even carb-phobic, cutting out those foods not as a way to lose weight, but because of a general sense that they are unhealthy," the NYT reports. "That is prompting changes in the way food is made, packaged and sold like nothing since the early 1990's, when even nondieters began loading their carts with low-fat yogurts and snacks."

From restaurants to mainstream supermarkets, and now including a number of stores cropping up that sell only low-carb products, the evidence continues to suggest that low-carb has become a long-term lifestyle choice, not just a diet-du-jour.
KC's View:
We remain generally unconvinced. Not about Atkins' short-term efficacy, but about the long-term health implications.