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A new report issued by the Food Institute says that "warehouse clubs and supercenters accounted for 5.8 percent of retail trade in 2003 compared to only about 2 percent a decade ago. In addition, the report established that "41 percent of supercenter sales come from food, while 61 percent of club sales are derived from food sales."

In addition, the Food Institute reports that "although foodservice and drinking places increased their share of total U.S. retail trade of $3.78 trillion by two percentage points last year to 9.5 percent, the share of food and beverage stores declined again, to 13.5 percent."
KC's View:
For our money, it isn’t just that club stores are selling more food…it's also that they know HOW to sell food - a selection that changes just enough to keep things interesting, sharp pricing, and tons of sampling.