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Home Depot announced yesterday that it will begin selling a new Maytag appliance called a SkyBox, which in essence is a customized home vending machine.

According to Home Depot, the machine "is smaller in height and width than a traditional vending machine yet can hold 64 12-ounce cans, 32 12-ounce bottles or a combination of each, dispensed from four selection buttons. (Glass bottles, plastic bottles and cans may be stocked together). In addition, it may be customized on the front and side panels with sports logos from the NFL, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, college and other sports," and is available in Pitch Black or Grid Iron Platinum finishes.
KC's View:
Another reason for the American obesity problem - people are too lazy to get up and walk over to their refrigerators, and are willing to spend six hundred bucks so they don't have to get their fat rear ends out of the recliner.