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Published reports say that Wal-Mart is about to sign on the dotted line to spend roughly $370 million to acquire Bompreco, Ahold's 119-store division in Brazil. The move would make Wal-Mart number three in the market; it has had stores there since 1995, though this is its first acquisition in Brazil.

The deal still leaves Ahold's G. Barbosa Comercial chain unspoken for. At one time, it was believed that Wal-Mart would acquire both - but legal issues have gotten in the way, and it is now considered more likely that a local business will get the G. Barbosa chain.

In semi-related news, Ahold has lashed out at critics in Uruguay that have accused it of what is termed "private violence" against its shareholders - which in Uruguay seems to be the company’s unwillingness to cover losses incurred by depositors at two banks.

Ahold says that it has had no relationship with the banks, has no responsibility for covering the losses, and that it is considering legal actions of its own. The issue is an important one because it seems to be preventing the company from divesting its Disco chain in Argentina.
KC's View:
This is one of those cases where we aren’t even going to make an attempt to explain the news. We'll just stick with trying to report it in clear English. Which isn’t even that easy in this case.