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Campbell Soup Co. is scheduled to announce today that its popular Pepperidge Farm Goldfish products are being reformulated so they do not contain transfats, which are created when vegetable oils are hydrogenated, hardening them to make them more shelf-stable.

Transfats have been identified by medical experts as being directly related to heart disease, and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has mandated that by 2006, all manufacturers must label transfats contained in their products.

The first transfat-free Goldfish line to be available to consumers will be a new line called Goldfish Crisps, which will be flat and in three flavors - cheddar jack, four cheese and cheesy sour cream and onion. The rest of the Goldfish line will be transfat-free by September.
KC's View:
We believe that this is a smart move. Manufacturers that simply wait until 2006 to make these changes - either labeling or removing transfats - risk being labeled themselves as companies not concerned with nutrition and obesity issues.

We don't think that's a place any responsible manufacturer wants to be.